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336 Cojedeños have undergone cataract surgery through 1×10

The last operated group was 17 patients

In Cojedes, there are 336 cataract surgeries between 2023 and 2024, services that are requested through the 1×10 of the Good Government, where the last ophthalmological interventions were carried out this Monday, at the Ipasme La Hoyada headquarters, Caracas, in benefit of 17 cojedeños.

In a first batch, 31 surgeries were performed, subsequently, a mega day of ophthalmological intervention was carried out at the Ipasme Tinaquillo headquarters, where 288 patients were operated on, and 17 operations were recently performed, detailed councilor Yessica Díaz, who is the social liaison for The state also reported that 7 more surgeries are planned for this Wednesday.

Díaz, who was also accompanied by Luisa Torres, social liaison of the Tinaquillo municipality, and Aleida Rosales, social management liaison of Ipasme, pointed out that these sessions are possible thanks to the 1×10 tool.

“To continue protecting the people, and in Cojedes we thank our national political liaison of the Psuv, Iris Varela, who has been in charge of all these attentions and efforts that favor the people of Cojede, as well as the godmother of Cojedes, Sandra Oblitas, the PSUV organizer, John Moreno, and also the Minister of Education, Yelitze Santaella, for providing a helping hand so that our brothers from Lame were operated on at Ipasme,” he stressed.

The 17 patients who underwent cataract surgery in the city of Caracas expressed their excitement for this care that will guarantee them improving their vision, as well as thanking all the support from the national government.

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