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In La Guaira they stimulate scientific interest in girls and boys

New space offers training cycle in robotics, biology, electronics and more

In La Guaira, the Didactic Center for Science Teaching (CDEC) opened its doors, whose purpose is to inspire scientific vocations in boys, girls and young people.

In this regard, the Ministry of Science and Technology specifies in a Press release It is a transdisciplinary space that promotes the teaching of key skills and the stimulation of critical thinking.

Likewise, it seeks to bring participants closer to the fascinating world of science and technology.

Encourage preference for science

During an interview on the radio program “Activos en Red” of the Infocentro Foundation, Jiraleska Hernández, executive director of FUNDACITE (Foundation for the development of science and technology of the central-western region) La Guaira, explained that the project is aligned with the programmatic contents of the Bicentennial Collection of the Bolivarian Educational System.

Likewise, he mentioned that the CDEC offers a comprehensive training cycle in basic sciences such as mathematics, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, robotics, electronics, marine sciences and agroecology.

He added that these activities foster the interest and curiosity of the participants, using playful expressions and integrating safe experiments.

He also highlighted that the main objective of the CDEC is to motivate young people from La Guaira to study scientific careers, establishing connections between academic knowledge and their daily environment.

The Didactic Center for Science Teaching was inaugurated by President Nicolás Maduro during the launch of the Great Mission of Science, Technology and Innovation “Dr. Humberto Fernández-Morán”.

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