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They celebrate in La Guaira the patron San Jose

Schools, cultural groups and institutions honored the patron saint

The town of Carayaca, in the state of La Guaira, began this Saturday the festivities of the patron saint San José, after 2 years suspended by the pandemic.

35 educational establishments, cultural groups and local institutions participated in the activity.

The governor of La Guaira, José Alejandro Terán, expressed his words of congratulations to the inhabitants of the parish, "I congratulate you for the organization of the parade that has shown cultural diversity and all the institutions that make life in the parish."

The president also mentioned the humanist values ​​that characterize the inhabitants of Carayaca, "they are supportive, cordial, friendly, lovers of culture and sports."

They celebrate the patron Saint Joseph

This festivity has been celebrated for more than 50 years in Carayaca. It was started by farmers, carpenters and settlers, to give thanks to the patron saint of this rural parish on the Guairean coast.

Father Robert Cardona, parish priest of Carayaca, thanked God, "for allowing us to resume the parade in honor of San José in Carayaca, and we resume it with more affection, with more love, and we implore through San José the blessings of our God to our thriving people, people of faith”, he highlighted.

Given the agricultural and fishing vocation of the parish, devotion to the patriarch of the Catholic and universal Church is born in its inhabitants, “we ask you to help us, to protect us, for a good harvest. It is a day for friends and families to meet," said Carlos Andrade, Carayaca's civil chief.

Parade in honor of San José

The parade started from El Estadio street, in front of the Guaicaipuro Bolivarian high school, to tour the streets of the town, under a colorful cultural manifestation, where the group Voces Risueña de Carayaca, painters, artisans and cultivators who exhibited their talents, participated.

Special Session

This Saturday there was a Special Session of the Legislative Council of La Guaira and then the Song to Carayaca was performed, in Plaza Bolívar, with the participation of local and regional artists and the San Pablo Hidalgo Dance, presentation of El Niño Carpintero and the Education dance, Culture and tradition.

Zoilo Díaz Mujica, speaker of the order, said he felt "happy and proud to be here and talk about our history, past and present. Carayaca is a privileged parish that God gave us, this parish is characterized by its agriculture and its warm climate.

On Sunday March 19, Saint Joseph's Day, the Holy Mass and the Saint's procession will be officiated.

In addition, Governor Terán indicated that they will soon start a new special beautification plan for the historic center of Carayaca that will include recovery of facades, landscaping and intervention of the town church.


The towns of San José de Galipán, in the Warairarepano and San José de La Sabana, also celebrate their patron saint.

San José de Galipán in the Macuto parish, with an agricultural and tourist tradition, lives the festivity with a mass in the town chapel, they hold a small farmers' fair with visits from tourists, where the residents offer flowers to visitors and locals during the activity .

La Sabana also honored the patron

Likewise, the Sabana began the festivity with a peal of drums at noon this Saturday east of La Guaira, as part of the eve of the festivity, and the novena was held in the middle of the town street.

The party continues this Sunday with a sung wake, until dawn on March 19, where decimistas, parranderos and singers meet, who recount the life of San José, to then go to the thanksgiving mass at 10:00 a.m. am in the church of La Sabana.

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