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Third stage of the Piar urbanism Los Corales delivered in La Guaira

Twenty-seven families from La Guaira received their homes and property titles in the third stage of Los Corales urbanism, Caraballeda parish, in addition to 204 semi-detached apartments, corresponding to OPP 74, which runs on the Guaireño coast with the Great Mission binomial. Housing Venezuela and the Housing Institute of the region. 

“From the urban area where we reached the milestone of 3 million homes delivered, we continue to deliver homes in La Guaira and dignify families. We are building some 500 homes in the country, to reach the goal of 3 homes before December 900 of this year, proposed by President Nicolás Maduro, "said Ildemaro Villaroel, Minister of Habitat and Housing, who delivered the keys to the houses and title deed to the families. 

"These 27 apartments are 70 square meters, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, as well as a living room, dining room and kitchen," said Minister Villaroel, together with the governor of the state of La Guaira, José Alejandro Terán and the mayor of Vargas, José Manuel Suárez. . 

In La Guaira, the Great Housing Mission Venezuela has delivered 56.258 decent homes and it is expected to complete the goal of building 3 new homes this year, of which 696 are under construction. 

Barbará Franco and Kleyser Alfaro, are a young couple who received their home, highlighting that the adjudication process began three years ago with a housing census, “it is a blessing as a young family; the payment process is less than 30% of our family income, which allows these houses to be built, ”said the couple.

Self-construction of housing

Minister Villaroel, delivered the certification of the Assembly of Living Venezuelans (AVV) Leander of the Caraballeda parish, which will execute “by self-construction 55 homes in the Bajada de Los Indios and 200 homes in Valle del Pino, we already have the land, now comes the technical advice and resources, ”said Georgina Rondo, AVV Leander spokesperson. 

Villaroel stressed that they are working on the constitution of the Communal Housing Bodies, for the transfer of resources and to continue with the AVV of the country. He said that currently 11 private companies in the country are working under the Petro system, which began in 2018, allowing the cryptoactive to circulate in the transitions of payments of inputs, salaries and others to face the healings that the country is experiencing.