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The Alfredo Machado Hospital will have a hemodialysis room

They will be able to care for about 10 patients a day and will have a new pediatrics, emergency and shock trauma area.

A new hemodialysis room will open at the Dr. Alfredo Machado hospital, located at the entrance of La Soublette in Catia la Mar, La Guaira.

During the inspection, Governor José Alejandro Terán commented that for approximately eight weeks the team from the Territorial Development Secretariat has been intervening in the Catia la Mar hospital.

In this center, a new area is being built where the Hemodialysis service will operate, which will serve 10 patients simultaneously every day. In addition to this new service that is going to be incorporated into this medical facility, the areas of pediatrics, shock trauma, pediatric and adult emergency are being rehabilitated.

Governor Terán mentioned that “we are making history, this is a revolution that we are making in La Guaira when it comes to the health of our people with the transformation that we are making to this hospital that serves the majority of the population of our region".

He added that the transformation of this space is being achieved thanks to a large investment made by President Nicolás Maduro and that with the incorporation of this new service (hemodialysis) he is writing new pages in the history of Catia la Mar, guaranteeing to raise the level of care in this popular clinic.

This type 1 outpatient clinic is being completely rehabilitated with the installation of porcelain tile, granite floor, complete reconstruction of the hospital façade, a waiting room for family members, a popular pharmacy and point and circle care.

New X-ray machines

During the inspection of the Catia la Mar hospital, Governor Terán reported that through the El Ojo de La Guaira mechanical park he received two new portable X-ray machines.

“These machines come with a built-in digitizer and work with Wi-Fi. One is destined for the CDI of Maiquetía and the other for the outpatient clinic of the Caraballeda parish. In this way we continue to expand our hospital coverage since health is our priority because it is a fundamental human right in socialism,” Terán concluded.

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