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Bricomiles recovered 13 operating rooms in hospitals in La Guaira

More than 5 thousand surgical interventions have been carried out with the recovery of operating rooms in 2022 by Bricomiles

More than five thousand surgical interventions have been performed in La Guaira, after the recovery of 13 operating rooms in hospitals and public health centers by the Community and Military Health Brigades (Bricomiles) during this 2022, to which are added the reactivation of areas of oncology, pediatrics, dialysis and services of the network of health in Guaireño coast.

This was reported by José Alejandro Terán, governor of La Guaira, during a balance on the progress made by the Bricomiles.

Terán also announced the recovery of 26 of the 56 modules of Barrio Adentro, as well as the construction of the General Hospital of Catia La Mar "Doctor José Gregorio Hernández" and the Integral Diagnostic Center (CDI) of Caraballeda, which will be demolished due to structural failures. .

“With the recovery of more than 16 operating rooms by the Bricomiles, it allowed the surgical debt of La Guaira to be overcome from 1.200 to about 5 operations. Now we are going for the construction of the General Hospital of Catia La Mar, and the Government bought an infrastructure, which would be a private health center, located in the Catamare - Catia La Mar sector; The hospital will be an eight-story center, it will have specialties that La Guaira does not have,” said Terán, from the Club Aeropuerto in Catia la Mar.

The Governor announced a plan for the acquisition of ten ambulances by 2023 as part of the recovery and endowment plan for the hospital transfer service on the Guaireño coast. As well as the delivery of four new operating rooms at the Dr. Raúl Perdomo Hurtado Naval Hospital of the Naval Training Center (Canes) in Catia La Mar.

Medical specialties

The Oncology Unit of the Doctor Rafael Medina Jiménez Hospital - Periférico de Pariata, was activated after completing the rehabilitation work by the Bricomiles, which will have a capacity of 27 beds on the 3rd floor of the hospital, and will be connected to the pharmacies of the high costs of the Venezuelan Institute of Social Security (IVSS).

In this same health center, the Bricomiles and the IVSS began remodeling and construction work in the General and Internal Medicine area, located on floors 3 and 4 of the Periférico de Pariata.

“The areas of Maternity, waiting room, pediatrics, dialysis and traumatology services of the Hospital de José María Vargas de La Guaira, were also recovered by the Bricomiles. In addition to social areas such as the Preschool, medical residences of the hospital and the 8 CDI and 8 Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services ”, reported Terán.

He highlighted the provision of high-tech equipment in the area of ​​Imaging, Traumatology and for operating rooms, which has allowed for greater operation in hospitals and health centers, in addition to the recovery of the TAP of the CDI March 10, the Insurance Laboratory Unit Social de La Guaira, to be equipped with new equipment that allows special studies in the entity.

New doctors

Around 100 new doctors, including specialists and residents, will be incorporated into the public health network of La Guaira, meet the demand for care in the Barrio Adentro clinics and activate advanced study programs in the two hospitals and schools that exist on the coast. guaireño

“We hope to incorporate new health professionals, offering training and postgraduate courses in the specialties of pediatrics, internal medicine, gynecology, health center management, and epidemiology. In addition to receiving students from the University of Science, attending from the modules of Barrio Adentro and health centers, "explained Nelare Bermúdez, Sole Health Authority of La Guaira.

Bricomiles in action

In the Caruao parish, the Bricomiles achieved the equipment and comprehensive remodeling of the CDI and SRI José Angel Vivas, as well as the remodeling of the Oritapo and Chuspa clinic. Currently, the construction of the new popular medical office for the population of San Jorge is underway.

They also left the Naiguatá Emergency Hospital, Naiguatá parish, as new. At the El Estanque popular medical clinic, they repaired the internal lighting of the IVSS Naiguatá type III Ambulatory and carried out repairs on the Anare Ambulatory Infrastructure.

In 2022, 32.273 patients have been treated and 83 medical-care days have been carried out in the communities, in the inner neighborhood and up the hill, coordinated from the health centers rehabilitated by the Bricomiles.

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