Tomato stuffed with tuna


<br>• 2 small apple tomatoes

<br>• 2 stalks of chives

<br>• 1 small can of tuna in water

<br>• 5 coriander twigs with stems and leaves

<br>• The juice of a small lemon

<br>• 2 tablespoons olive oil

<br>• Salt to taste


With a pointed or sharp knife, a small hole is made in the upper part of the tomato where the stem was, a small cross is also made underneath; the tomatoes are placed in a pot with boiling water for two minutes, removed and placed in a container with water and ice. Then we remove the skin and, with the lace, we make a circle to remove the core of the tomatoes, discarding the seeds. In a container, pour the contents of the can of tuna and the hearts of the chopped and seedless tomatoes are mixed with the olive oil and lemon juice. Add the salt to taste, the chives cut very small and the coriander with its stems, also minced thoroughly, and continue stirring. We try to rectify the salt. With this we fill the tomatoes and they are ready to eat.

SCALDING: either with tomatoes or peppers, this method greatly facilitates removing the skin and is a preliminary process that must be followed before making a tomato sauce, adding tomatoes to a stew or preparing any dish that requires peeled tomatoes.



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