Nougat foam


• 1/2 liter of cream of milk to beat very cold

• 1 Nougat type jijona

• 1 Alicante type nougat

• 1 can of condensed milk

• 2 sheets of unflavored gelatin

• 1 cup of water to hydrate the gelatin sheets


Put a deep metal container and the blades of the mixer in the freezer, leave them for an hour. After this time we pour the milk cream into the metal container, which must be very cold, beat at high speed until obtaining a whipped cream, and reserve it in the fridge.

The nougats are crushed separately until they become powder, we reserve a tablespoon of each one to decorate at the end.

In a small pot, mix the contents of the condensed milk can with the already hydrated and drained gelatin sheets, bring it to medium heat until the gelatin dissolves and let it cool.

We take the chantilly cream out of the fridge and add the condensed milk and gelatin mixture (already cold) with enveloping movements and then add the crushed nougat. We mix well until obtaining a foam of nougat, we put the foam in a sleeve, if we want to make them individual or in cups of coffee or candy, if not, we pour the mixture into a medium container, in both presentations, we sprinkle with the tablespoons of powder of nougat that we reserve and go to the fridge until serving time.