Car cream


• 150 dark chocolate

• 150 milk chocolate

• 400 g unsalted butter

• 350 g of powdered sugar

• 8 egg yellows

• 8 egg whites


Melt the chocolate bars in a bowl, over a bain-marie. The butter is cream with an electric mixer and, being creamy and pale, the powdered sugar is added, it is beaten until well combined. This mixture joins the chocolate already melted in the bain-marie, stir well with a wooden spoon for about 35 minutes, peeling off what sticks from the walls with a rubber spatula.

A few minutes before finishing, the eggs are separated, the yolks are reserved and the whites are beaten to the point of peaks.

The mixture is removed from the water bath, the yolks are incorporated one by one, passing them through a strainer, while stirring vigorously with the wooden spoon; when adding them all, we add the whites in the form of peaks, stirring with enveloping movements. The mixture is poured into a carafe or individual glasses. It is kept in the fridge but before serving it is left outside for a while since it is eaten at room temperature.