5 Tricks to improve the presentation of your dishes

An old phrase says: "food enters through the eyes ...", today this thought is more true than it used to mean because the presentation of the dishes has taken on a monumental relevance. Chefs are concerned with generating their own styles of montages or plating to create visual impact on their guests and positively persuade the tasting of flavors. 

1. Don't put too much food on the plate. Contemporary aesthetic trends require us to leave free space on the surface so that food has a frame or air around it, so it is better not to recharge.  

2. Always try to give height. For our plate to look elegant and stylish, it cannot look flat. This is achieved by placing one of the ingredients leaning against another diagonally, using chips or using sprouts that crown the center or some element of the plate.  

3. Look for balance and harmony. Arrange the elements respecting their degree of prominence within the plate.  

4. Don't overload with lines or ornaments. It is no longer fashionable to use sauce bottles with the idea of ​​making geometric drawings on the bottom of the plate. However, discrete lines can give an idea of ​​dynamism to the composition.  

5. Everything must be eaten. What is placed on the plate must be edible, keep a harmonious relationship for taste and not simply be a decoration.

NOTE: To present your dishes, prefer white tableware



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