The stars speak

October 28. Sign: Scorpio? Saint of the day: San Simon

Scorpio is governed on the path of Regeneration and Sexuality. You would like to explore ideas from the emotional point of view, and will often be a very deep being who will be interested in discovering your own and other's emotions, and respond through them to
world. He will have strong reactions, and he will not like taking orders from anyone.


Expedite pending procedures. Your knowledge is now necessary to break new ground. There is a job promotion, a salary increase, and the consolidation of your economy. Work more calmly, relax. Take a yoga course

Color: Ivory Draw number: 518


Be confident in the future, this will make you feel very satisfied with your success. Your family will be a responsibility and a
important factor in its development. His problems will undergo a deep and slow transformation but he will win.

Color: Blue Numberror sortario: 645


You will talk with a person of power at the work level. You will start a new activity that you have been preparing for, and where
a person loyal to you will support you. Build your self-esteem so you don't affect your relationship.

Color: Brown Sort number: 596


New responsibilities will come at a professional level. Your professional effort should be greater, and with your intuition you should
master complications. Meeting an old friend will open up opportunities for romance.

Color: Olive Sort number: 011


You must be more objective in your way of appreciation. In a negotiation that you will carry out, do not trust that everything is over until the legal procedures are finalized. Meeting with friends will raise your mood. Certain energies will favor love.

Color: Lila Sort number: 914


Always use your common sense. Now it is ideal that you recharge your batteries. He has been carrying a lot of load on his back for a while, and the time has come to start to free himself a little of them. Save a few hours a day for your own well-being. Think more of yourself.

Color: Celestial Sort number: 101


Their efforts will have paid off and you will get what you deserve so much. Your work situation will stabilize and income will enter your life balancing your economy. Therefore, take the concrete and timely measures to maintain it.

Color: Mahogany Sort number: 073


You will feel connected, excited and energized and will be full of insights and revelations. Your personal relationships will look something
altered. You will look for someone who is stimulating to you, who appeals to you, and who puts you in touch with new interests.

Color: Orange Sort number: 356


You may have the perception that your relationship is cooling down, but it is a signal for you to return to seeking both passion and love.
romanticism, valuing the small details. Your social life will increase with friends.

Color: Green Sort number: 907


Your seduction is about. You will know what to do and what to say to win the person you want. At work, seek better training to access positions of greater responsibility. The economy will grow and you will make safe purchases and investments.

Color: White Sort number: 898


You will have a good opportunity to present your ideas. Soon everything will change for your good, and you will put your life in order. Pay more attention to what they tell you. In love, look for that special person who makes you feel very in love.

Color: Orchid Sort number: 567


You must achieve a greater effort in this period and put more effort in what you do. Labor errors can bring you
unnecessary difficulties. Concentrate, better balance your activities. A makeover will enhance your look.

Color: Black Sort number: 151