The stars speak

September 08. Sign: Virgo? Saint of the day: Santa Alegría

In love Virgo is one of the most idealistic signs. In your imagination is usually the idea of ​​meeting your partner like in a fairy tale, with violins and all. You are very susceptible to criticism, and if your partner constantly marks you mistakes, you will feel
hurt in her feelings and end up leaving her.


Look at the bright side of things. Your superior is attentive to your work. Desires to enlarge your group of friends. They will take a trip to recharge new energies, they will understand that objectivity will help to achieve balance in the couple

Color: Sand Draw number: 085


Always set real goals to move forward. You have not yet put the batteries and today is a good day to put aside some bad habits like smoking. You will have the support of yours to begin any purpose you want.

Color: Magenta Numberror sortario: 796


Be patient you will soon pass the tests. Delegate responsibilities. Foreign businesses are well aspected. Auspicious journey
to improve the labor part. Enjoy the special moment with your partner and love. Get a medical checkup.

Color: Red Sort number: 840


Be cautious and keep offers made to you secret. Count things only when you have done the job. Use your intuition in your projects and businesses and carry them out alone. Travel will affect your life.

Color: Blue Sort number: 057


He will take advantage of the good like no other, without abandoning his ambitions or the depth that characterizes him. You will receive honors for supporting philanthropic causes. You will have brilliant ideas and will enjoy monetary stability.

Color: Amber Sort number: 910


Luck and fortune are present. A hunch will make you move quickly toward your goals. You will improve your sales because of your
natural charm. Social gatherings will be very fruitful. Take a trip to renew your health.

Color: Gold Sort number: 367


There is a little anguish for the future and for mixed feelings in which to defend just situations. However, you will enjoy love to the full. Visit to a place with a lot of vegetation. Conversation with facilitator related to studies.

Color: Orange Sort number: 492


Travel and study will broaden your horizons. Look for intellectual balance. It will not do to use your jealousy and stubbornness to get your way. You have to get better, so stop making excuses and start pushing yourself.

Color: Pink Sort number: 482


Some problems produce certain imbalances, but do not rush. In love the relationship will be strengthened by distancing certain people. At the workplace level, he will be pushed to the fore, achieving great financial support

Color: Mahogany Sort number: 745


You are very perceptive and aware of everything that is going on around you, so heed the warnings in your environment to succeed. You will realize a dream that you thought impossible and the sadness of the past will be removed. You will receive good family support.

Color: White Sort number: 745


There is a certain emotional instability in you due to the daily changes and the intensity with which they are taking place. The trips
They will influence a lot in this but to improve their position. Establish lasting and effective relationships.

Color: Silver Sort number: 850


Don't stray from love, or make bad decisions based on gossip. Work pressure will make you uncomfortable, take a vacation. Good news comes from abroad. Improve your diet more.

Color: Black Sort number: 125

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