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In Sucre they offer a municipal surgical plan

In the first stage, they perform hernia and cataract interventions. Interested parties should contact their street manager

The Mayor's Office of the Sucre Municipality, Miranda state, develops a surgical plan, which in this first stage addresses inguinal and umbilical hernia interventions, in addition to operating on cataracts.

Hernia surgeries are performed at the Ana Francisca Pérez de León I Hospital, located in Petare; while cataract patients are treated at the Un Milagro para Ti Ophthalmological Center, which operates in the Giorgio building, located in Boleíta Sur.

Mayor José Vicente Rangel Ávalos indicated that this plan is part of the policies to optimize the health service and as a timely response in this matter to the residents of the jurisdiction.

cataract operations

Location. Cataract operations are performed at the Un Milagro para Ti Ophthalmological Center, located in the Salud Sucre Specialty Center, on the ground floor of the Giorgio building, on República Dominicana Avenue, Boleíta Sur.

Schedules. Patients are seen Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. People must make an appointment.

Equipment. The center has the necessary equipment for the comprehensive study of the eyes, including the autorefractometer, specular microscope and biometric ruler, which are used to know what type of cataract the patient suffers from and the size of the lens, indicated Elías Aguilera, director of Health. Municipal and coordinator of the Un Milagro para Ti program.

To care for patients, there are 10 specialist doctors, three of them ophthalmologists, who are in charge of carrying out consultations and examinations for each patient. There are also seven surgeons in charge of the operations.

Procedure. Once they verify the patient's condition and perform the examinations, the date for surgery is assigned. After the operation, the patient goes home with the treatment in hand and returns the next day to verify that there is no bleeding and the operation on the other eye is planned three weeks later.


Gratuity. The services of this municipal surgical plan are completely free, the patient is insured for both medical care and all laboratory tests, radiological studies, supplies for the intervention and the respective postoperative treatments, in addition to control consultations.

Plans. Other pathologies such as adenoid and tonsil operations in boys and girls will soon be attended to; varicose veins; hysterectomies; among other ailments.

Hernia surgeries

Location. Inguinal and umbilical hernia operations are carried out in the facilities of the Ana Francisca Pérez de León I Hospital, located on Francisco de Miranda Avenue, near the Metro, Petare station.

Schedules. Care is offered Monday through Friday, from 7 am to 5 pm, by appointment.

Equipment. For the care of hernia interventions, there is a contingent of 12 surgeons, four specialists in pediatric cases and eight for the care of adults.

Two operating rooms have been set up in the hospital, equipped with sophisticated modern technology devices for planned hernia operations. They also have recovery rooms for patients.

Procedure. Dr. Carlos García, director of the Pérez de León I Hospital and in charge of the Health for All program, dedicated to hernia interventions, explained that in this center patients are evaluated one day before the operation.

They are treated by different doctors, including the internist; Your laboratory and radiological tests are performed.

He is then scheduled for surgery the next day. When you are discharged, you are given the medications, you are asked to rest, and then you go to the follow-up appointment.

Patient recruitment

Catchment. The residents of the Sucre municipality who want to benefit from this surgical plan must contact their street or community leaders, who are responsible for filling out the form, which will be delivered by them. líderIt is community in the Situational Room, located in the La Pizarra Center, in Los Dos Caminos, where the data will be verified and the lists of patients who will be referred to the Pérez de León I hospital and the Un Milagro para Ti Ophthalmological center will be prepared.

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