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Cardiology is for all kids

The hospital performs corrective surgeries for congenital heart defects

The Gilberto Rodríguez Latin American Children's Cardiological Hospital, located in the Montalbán sector of Caracas, is one of the specialized centers in the country that perform corrective surgeries for congenital heart defects in children and adolescents.

To access the health center's services, patients must be previously diagnosed and evaluated by reference children's cardiovascular centers located in the national territory, where they will determine if the problem should be treated through surgical intervention.

The cardiologist authorized by the link network will proceed to enter it in the national registry of children and adolescents with congenital heart diseases and send the medical report.

The hospital team will be in charge of checking whether the patient meets the criteria for the operations they perform, they proceed to call him and schedule him for a review with the possibility of admission.

Parents should bring little luggage, the center guarantees linens, meals and clothing for the patient. If you have any questions, you can write to the email [email protected].

Capital Region

Capital District

  • San Martín: Carlos Arvelo Fundacardin Military Hospital, located on José Ángel Lamas Avenue, San Martín urbanization, Libertador municipality.
  • Cardiologist authorized by the Children's Cardiology: Dr. Elida Cabrera.


  • The Plain. Domingo Luciani El Llanito Hospital, on Río de Janeiro Avenue in the El Llanito urbanization, Petare parish, Sucre municipality. To get there you can take a van or the metrobus service at the Caracas La California or Petare metro stations.
  • Cardiologist: Dr. Carmen Campos.
There are three active reference centers in the capital.

Western region


  • Alfredo Van-Grieken Hospital, located on El Tenis Avenue and Santa Rosa Avenue, Monte Verde sector.
  • Authorized cardiologist for operations report: Francisco Petit.


  • Maracaibo University Hospital, located on 16 Guajira Avenue, via Ziruma, in front of the old LUZ Rectorate.
  • Cardiologist: Dr. Cándida Pereira.

Andean region


  • Hospital Universitario de los Andes on 16 de Septiembre Avenue, with Humberto Tejera Avenue, Campo de Oro, Mérida.
  • Cardiologist: Dr. Lyna Sierra
The center is located at the ULA.

Eastern region


  • Bolivar City. Ruiz y Paéz Hospital is located on Germania Avenue.
  • Cardiologist: from the health center will guide you in the process.

San Felix

  • Raúl Leoni Otero Hospital. To get to this center, go to Vía Angosturita avenue, in Ciudad Guayana.
  • There, the cardiology specialists who belong to the link network are doctors Jolices García, Yolimar Avile and doctor Ernesto Urbano.


  • Miguel Hernández Oriental Cardiovascular Center, on Bicentenario Avenue, San Simón parish in the city of Maturín.
  • Patients must make an appointment with cardiologists Lisset Navarro and Corina Barreto.

Nueva Esparta

  • Luis Ortega Hospital in Porlamar, located on 4 de Mayo Avenue, via LLano Adentro Avenue, in the city of Porlamar.
  • The authorized specialist is Dr. Pedro Zacarías.

Central Region


  • Enrique Tejera Hospital City and to get there you must go to Lisandro Alvarado Avenue, Valencia Central Hospital Building, Lisandro Alvarado Urbanization, Valencia.
  • Cardiologist: Luisana Seijas.


  • Maracay Central Hospital. The center is located on El Canal Street, La Floresta urbanization, Maracay, María de San José Parish, Girardot Municipality.
  • The cardiologist Ana Aponte is the one authorized by the link network.


  • Doctor Rafael Zamora Arévalo Hospital, located on 23 de Enero Street between Bolívar and Las Flores streets, Valle de la Pascua.
  • Cardiologist: Milka Flores.
They treat childhood heart disease.

Western Central Region


  • Antonio María Pineda Hospital – Agustín Zubillaga Department of Pediatrics, located at the end of Vargas Avenue in the city of Barquisimeto.
  • The person in charge of the center for granting the reference is Dr. Cristian Pérez.


  • Jesús María Casal Ramos Central Hospital. To get to the medical center, go to Circunvalacion Norte avenue or also known as Rafael Caldera, in the city of Araure.
  • The cardiology specialist is Dr. David Mendoza.

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