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San Carlos Hospital has intensive care

The rooms were equipped with high-end equipment and the latest technology.

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the Intermediate Care Unit of the Egor Nucete Hospital, located in the city of San Carlos, in the state of Cojedes, received supplies of high-end equipment and complex technology from the Ministry of Health, with the purpose of continuing to provide quality service to the community of Cojedeña.

The provision made by the Ministry of Health consists of two beds for the ICU and two more for the Intermediate Care Unit.

They also delivered mechanical ventilators, monitors, multiparameters, infusion pumps, C-arms, mattresses, blood pressure monitors, footstools, nebulizers, glera aspirators, transfer stretchers, wheelchairs, an arrest cart, oximeter, echosonograms and portable ultrasound machines.

These areas are cared for by five intensive care doctors, eight nurses, two auxiliary technicians, two orderlies and auxiliary staff.

The sole Health authority, Dr. Manuel Rodríguez, assured that, with the delivery of the supplies, it is possible to increase the care capacity, from two patients to four.
For his part, doctor Armando Citerio, who is the founder of the ICU, pointed out that the endowment strengthens the conditions of safety, quality and efficiency adequate to care for all complex patients who require support due to multiple organ failure.


The medical center facilities, which serve approximately 26.000 families in the entity, were rehabilitated by the military community brigades for education and health. Once the work was completed, the space was handed over on April 17 by the Executive Vice President of the Republic, Delcy Rodríguez, and Governor Alberto Galíndez.

In addition to the ICU, the hospital has areas of general medicine, obstetrics, surgery, pediatrics, hospitalization, maternity, blood bank and trauma room, among others.

The hospital has a team of 2.500 health professionals, including 82 specialist doctors and more than 300 nurses at the service of the people.

UCI teams

  • Supplies. The service has a bedside monitor; ventilator to provide oxygen and help you breathe if necessary; fusion pumps to administer medication, serums or diet; dialysis machine.

Service hours.

  • Working day. The Intensive Care Unit and Intermediate Care Unit service at the Egor Nucete Hospital is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In the ICU they receive patients from Cojedes and neighboring states.

ICU management

  • Location. Third floor of the Egor Nucete Hospital. Avenida Circunvalación Portuguesa, in front of the health institution's vial, in the center of San Carlos, Ezequiel Zamora municipality.
Authorities reopened areas.

Hygienic measures

  • Hygiene. The ICU area is a space that must remain in optimal hygienic conditions. When entering and leaving the room, alcohol gel is applied to the hands to prevent infection, in addition to the mask and the use of gowns.
The Ministry of Health provided equipment to guarantee quality care.

Requirements for admission

  • Requirements. The Egor Nucete Hospital receives patients in critical situations from the state of Cojedes, as well as from neighboring entities. The requirements to enter are: medical reference, copy of the patient's and a family member's ID, previous medical examinations and studies, and the Intensive Care patient's medical history.

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