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Students propose improvements for Unerg in Guárico

Students from the Rómulo Gallegos University met with Minister Sandra Oblitas

The Federation of University Centers (FCU) of the Rómulo Gallegos National Experimental University (Unerg) held a meeting with the People's Power Minister for University Education, Sandra Oblitas, to whom they presented proposals in favor of strengthening the study house, and At the same time, consolidate permanent attention to the Unergist collective by the student movement.

Among the proposals put forward to the Minister, the extended attention to scholarship holders, support with the repair of the fleet of units that the university currently has, request for new transport units, conditioning of the dining room and library spaces, as well as the provision of 2500 desks or chairs and 300 blackboards to cover student demand.

In addition to this, they requested the provision of medical material and equipment to reactivate care services in the Student Welfare area, as well as technological devices for the Systems Engineering area laboratory and other requests.

In this sense, during the meeting held in Caracas, the student leaders promoted interest in continuing to provide support to students who daily face the challenges that the nation is going through and affect the university reality.

Oblitas praises initiatives of the student movement

In this regard, Minister Oblitas highlighted "I am pleased that you are here, that you are concerned about their realities, that you are acting to address the requests that you present to us, and that in future meetings with work groups, planning, organization and responsibility we will advance in giving the timely response. We are going to do it together, so that we can attend to those priorities that are held at the University”.

“Likewise, we are attending to various needs throughout the country, providing a response to more than 100 private and public university institutions, which entails a joint effort with the national, regional and municipal government, where we have to join to expand that capacity of attention," he said.

Disposition and work: keys to achieve great achievements

For his part, Luis Nadales, president of the Unerg Federation of University Centers (FCU), expressed his satisfaction with the meeting, emphasizing that "on behalf of our Unergist population, this Federation of University Centers and Student Centers appreciate the attention of the minister and the guidelines based on our requests”.

He mentioned that the student movement is confident and convinced of the attention that Oblitas will provide to the Unergist population, at the same time that he stressed "we are willing to get more involved, to work together and give answers, this is not the traditional leadership that came with excuses , that this is the method and that's it, we are aware and we get involved”.

He recalled that the team has witnessed great and significant achievements for the house of studies, listing an important endowment of desks delivered by Governor José Vásquez, as well as a new building for law students.

Meanwhile, Nadales highlighted the support of the national and regional government with the university campus, noting that together with the university and government authorities progress has been made and they will continue to attend to the realities, requests and needs that arise in the study environment.

“We are fighting at the University to defend what is fair and to advance the model of the country that we want. We keep advancing and building alternatives in the face of difficulties!”, stated the president of the FCU Unerg.

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