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Rehabilitation of the Type II Popular Clinic in Zaraza begins

In the popular Dr. Francisco Troconis de Zaraza office, each of the areas will be optimized to provide better care

Through a work day dedicated to the health sector, this Wednesday, the governor of the Guárico state, José Vásquez, announced the start of the rehabilitation works of the Type II Popular Medical Clinic “Dr. Francisco Troconis", located in the Zaraza parish, Pedro Zaraza municipality, in order to optimize each of its areas and guarantee better medical care in the facilities.

"We are going to optimize all the health centers, that is why we are here in the Zaraza municipality, approving resources for the rehabilitation of the Doctor Francisco Troconis office," said the regional president.

From this health center, he explained that the works include the total and integral rehabilitation of all the spaces of the medical office, to provide adequate care and in better conditions.

Likewise, Vásquez pointed out that Construsalud is the entity in charge of the work, also highlighting the fundamental role played by the People's Power in terms of the execution of the works.

Government of Guárico advances in the recovery of health centers

The first authority of the state stressed that he will continue to bet on the improvement of health facilities in the 15 municipalities of the llanera region, to strengthen and guarantee the right to health of all Guariqueños.

At the same time, he indicated that through the 1×10 system of Good Government, the communities have reported the most important collective needs, and pointed out that, in terms of health, there have been many complaints received, which is why he is advancing in the recovery of state health centers.

"They are going to be beautiful, beautiful, because they are a priority that the communities have sent me," Vásquez emphasized.

In this sense, Jesús Rojas, president of Construsalud, said that "in all projects the participation of the People's Power is important, who will be part of the rehabilitation work of these spaces, jointly with the Sole Health authority, Rosa Vásquez and the Executive Secretary of Infrastructure and Public Services, Sergio Rodríguez».

Public health system strengthened in Guárico

Rosa Vásquez, Sole Health authority in the region, pointed out that with the actions they not only seek to recover the infrastructures of this sector, but also to strengthen the public health system in the Guariqueño territory. "With this team we are going forward and we are going to strengthen health throughout Guárico," she said.

In addition to this, Vásquez thanked the support for the sector by President Nicolás Maduro, and Governor José Vásquez.

In this sense, the mayor of the municipality, Carlos Castillo, also thanked the start of the work to restore the important health center in the Zaraceña entity, while calling on the inhabitants to take care of the facilities of the medical centers and the resources delivered for the benefit of the llanera population.

They deliver package ambulance in Zaraza

During the day, the Governor delivered an equipped 0-kilometer ambulance, with the purpose of guaranteeing the transfer of patients when required.

In this regard, Vásquez indicated that this ambulance corresponds to number 15 of those already delivered in the various municipalities of the state.

Among other things, he maintained that "in the next few days we will be inaugurating the medical career in this municipality, thanks to the Rómulo Gallegos University."

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