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Installed the 17th Filven Guárico chapter

Filven will offer visitors exhibitions and book sales until next August 06

The seventeenth edition (17th) of the International Venezuelan Book Fair 2022 (Filven) Guárico chapter was inaugurated in the Pergola of the Hotel and Spa Aguas Termales from this Thursday 04 until next August 06.

The activity was headed by the sole authority of Culture of the state, Elías Zurita, and the executive secretary of Social Protection and Territorial Management of the llanera region, Migdalia Hurtado.

Under the motto “Leer Independiza” different writers, historians, chroniclers, cultists, artisans and the general public gathered at the place to celebrate and enjoy the event full of music, poetry and stories.

In this regard, Elías Zurita, sole authority for Culture in the region and president of the Foundation for the Promotion of Culture of the Bolivarian State of Guárico, said he was happy for the inauguration of the 17th International Book Fair in the Llanera region.

At the same time, he added that "we are here, men and women from Guárico who work for culture and who see in the reading, writing and promotion of books, an effective and strategic moment to be able to cultivate the human being of good and promote knowledge" .

Likewise, he concluded by highlighting that, in this edition of the festival, the work of those intellectuals who have dedicated their lives to publicizing various populations and characters will be recognized.

They retake Filven in Guárico

For her part, Migdalia Hurtado, executive secretary of Social Protection and Territorial Management of the state, said that after two years paralyzed due to the pandemic, the festival resumes its celebration today.

He indicated that this edition includes cultural and recreational activities so that children can have fun and appreciate the various musical, theatrical and dance performances. However, he maintained that this fair shows the roots, essence and culture through books and publishers.

Likewise, Hurtado called on the population of Guariqueño to "Come, participate, and join the world of writing and reading from where we cross other horizons, because when we insert ourselves into it, we travel and go through every corner, we know and we scrutinize”, he exalted.

Filven opening schedule

During the installation of the International Venezuelan Book Fair in its 17th edition, the authorities, together with the organizing team, carried out various children's presentations for the attending boys and girls, as well as musical acts by the Banda de Antaño Miguel Soublette and the Guárico Seedbeds.

Next, the minor Saraí Lara delighted those present with a poem entitled "My book." In addition, dissertations on the history of the San Juan de los Morros parish, by the president of the Association of Chroniclers of the Guárico state, Fernando Rodríguez, and the writer Argenis Ranuárez Angarita.

Guariqueños honored

In this sense, during the event, the writer and chronicler Felipe Hernández was recognized with a post-mortem tribute for the book "Our municipality Julián Mellado: local history", a work that was in the process of being written until the day of his death.

For her part, the chronicler Soraya González Rojas, a native of the San José de Guaribe municipality in the Llanera region, was also honored, who presented two works on local history; one of her authorship entitled "Localism, proverbs and stories of the San José de Guaribe municipality", and the other belonging to her grandmother Aurea Luz Rojas, related to poems, stories and songs of the jurisdiction.

In this context, Rojas thanked the authorities for having been taken into account to exhibit her works in the seventeenth installment of Filven, Guárico chapter. "It is an honor for me to be here sharing this beautiful event with wonderful people," she said.

Finally, Argenis Ranuárez Angarita, poet, journalist, and writer, was recognized during the event for his dedication to the investigation of the population of San Juan, in addition to being the writer of the essay San Juan and San Sebastián two brother towns (2005); Liceo Juan Germán Roscio Nieves and Valmore Camero Bibliography of the year 2008.

Filven adorns reading and writing

Meanwhile, Saraí Méndez, spectator of the event, pointed out that «this act adorns reading and writing, apart from exalting the culture of our Guárico state. It is very satisfying to be here and see how there are people who bet on Venezuelan literature.

Lastly, Julián Palacios highlighted that «attending this event is gratifying. (...) I am proud that the authorities make an effort to develop meetings like this, where reading is encouraged and personalities of the state are recognized».

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