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In Guárico they debated the reactivation of the Río Apure Motor District

The proposal for the reactivation will be made between the states of Apure, Amazonas and Guárico

A meeting was held led by the state governor, José Vasquez, his counterpart for the state of Apure, Eduardo Piñate, and the regional executive of Amazonas, Miguel Leonardo Rodríguez, with the purpose of organizing ideas, strategies and planning that allow the reactivation of the proposal to consolidate the Río Apure Motor Development District in the municipality Juan Germán Roscio from Guárico state.

The president of the Guariqueña region indicated that with these actions they intend to take full advantage of the natural and human wealth that the different states that make up the Motor District possess.

He pointed out that this is possible "by promoting activities of a socio-productive nature, in accordance with the revolutionary process, attached to the socialist vision of the eternal commander, Hugo Chávez, and our president, Nicolás Maduro."

Reactivation of the Rio Apure Motor District

During the work table, the rulers specified the territorial conformation of this project, which includes the state of Apure; the state capital (San Fernando), Biruaca and the town of Achaguas, while the Guariqueña region will encompass the Esteros de Camaguán and San Jerónimo de Guayabal municipalities.

In this sense, the municipality of Arismendi in the state of Barinas is also involved in the reactivation project of the Motor District, since this, together with the previous ones, have a limit exit to the Apure River that, according to their geographical distribution, remain strategically close. favoring communication between each one, which brings with it a positive exchange in productive matters.

Guárico and Apure will take advantage of potential

In this order of ideas, one of the elements to take advantage of by the territorial unit, corresponds to the production of various companies existing in the geographical demarcation, among which the following stand out: the Corn Processing Plant in the state of Achaguas, and the processing plant for products dairy in Camaguán, which will be supported in order to increase their production levels.

In the same way, the buffalo breeding from the Esteros de Camaguán and San Jerónimo de Guayabal municipalities will be taken into account for the development of the project, due to the obtaining of products such as meat, milk, cheese and other derivatives, in addition to exploiting the fish farming area of ​​Guariqueño territory.

Reactivation schedule to be defined

It is estimated that in the next few days the government authorities will hold a new work table and define, with precision, the action schedule for the reactivation of this proposal for productive economic development that will favor not only the states involved, but also the territory. Venezuelan in general.

Evolution of the initiative

This initiative was born in 2007 with the aim of strengthening the economic and commercial sector in the states that comprise it.

It was given under the name of Ezequiel Zamora Functional District, propitiated by the mayors of Biruaca and San Fernando of the Apure State, while, for the Guárico state, it was formed by the municipality of Camaguán and Guayabal; in addition to the Arismendi jurisdiction in the State of Barinas.

Later, in 2009, the Achaguas municipality of the Apure state was incorporated and was called Nucleus of Socialist Mayors of the Apure River. Subsequently, in 2010 it became what is currently known as the Río Apure Motor District.

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