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They distribute more than 1.500 kilograms of food in San Juan de los Morros

Program A kilo of love Quinn, arrived in the Tierras de Gracia, 5 de Julio and Deportivo communities

The mayor's office of the Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality in the Guárico state distributed more than 1.500 kilograms of food in vulnerable communities of the entity. With the initiative “A kilo of love Quinn”, residents of the Tierras de Gracia, 5 de Julio and El Deportivo communities, located in San Juan de los Morros, were assisted.

The mayor's press release states that the food bags were prepared to offer significant help to the families who needed it most, ensuring adequate nutrition, with selected and quality products.

“I am completely committed to my Roscio that I love so much and I am working hard to offer support to those who need it most,” said Mayor Sulme Avila, during the delivery day.

“We deeply appreciate the collaboration of everyone who made this Kilo of love Quinn possible, and we hope to be able to repeat this initiative every month,” he added.

The municipal leader invited all Roscians to continue participating in future initiatives, as well as to continue building together a stronger and more supportive municipality.

“With this gesture of solidarity, the municipal administration reaffirms its commitment to improving the quality of life of its inhabitants, promoting values ​​of unity and mutual support,” the information says.

This project was possible thanks to the joint efforts of municipal employees, local merchants and local taxpayers. Collaboration and community spirit were fundamental to the success of this solidarity campaign.

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