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Plaza de la Miel y la Esperanza inaugurated in Guayabal

The new space was built in honor of the history, culture and traditions of the municipality

On the occasion of the 228th anniversary of the founding of the San Jerónimo de Guayabal municipality in the Guárico state, the Plaza de la Miel y la Esperanza was inaugurated, a new space that enhances the history, culture and traditions of this town.

During the inauguration ceremony, Governor José Vásquez explained that this work was built in conjunction with the Great Venezuela Bella Mission, the Federal Government Council, the Government and the Mayor's Office of the entity.

The regional leader pointed out that the square is adorned with a monument that honors both the municipality and the poet José Antonio De Córdova, son of this land and author of the verse “Guayabal Land of Honey and Hope.”

“This is part of historical identification, it is part of having our cities beautiful, of the right to the city, to culture and history,” stated Vásquez.

For her part, Mayor Lisbeth Nairoby García, said that the square also offers spaces for recreation and healthy family recreation, coupled with striking murals and figures with elements alluding to the municipal name.

Guayabalenses filled the plaza with joy during its inauguration. Photo Governorate of Guárico

“This space identifies us as Guayabal residents, and also gives the character of a city to our beloved Guayabal,” he expressed.

The local leader thanked “everyone who contributed a grain of sand to build this emblematic work, of which we are proud and allows us to say that it is possible to be a positive reference for the great, the good and the beautiful.”

In the inaugural activity, recognitions were granted to various artists, poets and composers who have contributed to the rescue and promotion of the customs and traditions of the Venezuelan plain.

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