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More than 168 thousand Guariqueña families received domestic gas in May

Some 736 communities in the 15 municipalities of Guárico were served with LPG from May 1 to May 31.

During the month of May, a total of 168.765 families from 736 Guarico communities were served with domestic gas, thanks to the joint work between Pdvsa Gas Comunal and the Gas Distributor in Guárico (DigasGua).

This was reported by the president of DigasGua, G/D José Dionisio Goncalvez, highlighting that 4.644.306 liters of liquefied petroleum gas were dispatched, carried in cylinders of different presentations throughout the 15 municipalities and 39 Llanera parishes.

He highlighted the work that is carried out jointly with the Communal Direct Social Property Companies (Epsdc), in order to continue serving the people in a timely manner.

Through the 1×10 of Good Government, domestic gas is distributed in a planned manner. Photo DiGasGua

Likewise, Goncalvez made reference to the attention provided through the 1×10 system of Good Government, whose tool has allowed a complete deployment in the Guariqueño territory.

“We continue to fulfill the task assigned to bring the service quickly and accessible to the catacombs of the people, within the framework of the public policies of President Nicolás Maduro and Governor José Vásquez,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, he applauded the work and commitment of gas workers in the state, who day after day promote the distribution of LPG from the five filling plants that the region has.

“It should be noted that Guárico has five LPG filling plants: the William Lara plant in Calabozo, Leonardo ElNegro Infante in Valle de la Pascua, Leomar Gil in San Juan de los Morros, José Tadeo Monagas in Altagracia de Orituco and the Esteros de Camaguán,” he recalled.

The president of DigasGua added that the company also has a mobile unit for cylinder saturation, which has traveled - with different operations - throughout Guariqueña.

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