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In Guárico they inaugurate a water well that serves 11 communities

The opening of the well in the Pariapán community of San Juan de los Morros, benefits more than 12 inhabitants of the point and circle

A total of 11 communities in San Juan de los Morros in the Guárico state are benefited with the inauguration of a drinking water well, located in the Pariapán sector.

The opening of the underground source was led by the Minister of Popular Power for Water Care, Rodolfo Marco Torres and the state governor, José Vásquez.

Minister Torres maintained that this well supplies about 400 thousand liters of water per day through pipes.

“This well has a 5.5 HP motor and pump, is 120 meters deep and we achieved the production of 400 thousand liters of water per day,” he explained.

He pointed out that this is a result of the attention that is promoted through the 1×10 system of Good Government, as well as the work of the communities, together with the national and regional Government.

“Teamwork is very important. The 1×10 of Good Government is the instruction of our president, to respond in terms of water to our people,” Torres stressed.

In this regard, the regional president reiterated that work continues to address the complaints originating from the digital platform, and thus guarantee the vital liquid to the entire population.

Doris Marín, a resident of the community, indicated that the well serves 12 inhabitants, grouped into more than 500 families in the area. “The communities of the point and circle are happy. Thank you for this achievement,” she added.

83,65% of water reports attended

According to a press release from MinAguas, the aforementioned authorities, in the company of the sectoral vice president of Planning and godfather of Guárico, Ricardo Menéndez, visited the regional command post of the 1×10 of the Good Government, where they highlighted that the region has 83,65 % effectiveness in terms of drinking water and wastewater.

They also reviewed the Concrete Agenda of Actions carried out in the Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality (San Juan de los Morros), highlighting among them: the installation of 10 thousand meters of HDPE pipe in the Vista Hermosa sector, rehabilitation of a station of reinforcement pumping that produces 50 liters per second, and the construction of a filtering gallery that will benefit the Guafal axis, whose work is 80% complete.

It benefits more than 12 inhabitants of the point and circle

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