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Guárico will promote four productive projects through the ZEE

They will promote the cotton plan, sorghum and corn plan, aquaculture production and livestock

The promotion of the cotton plan, the sorghum and corn plan, aquaculture production and the development of livestock, were the four projects proposed by the Guárico state to strengthen the country's economy, through the Eastern Special Agri-Food Economic Zone (ZEEAO).

The proposals were made during a virtual meeting led by the Minister of Productive Agriculture and Lands, Wilmar Castro Soteldo, and the Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Juan Carlos Loyo.

According to a press release from the Guariqueña Government, the regional president, José Vásquez, highlighted the recovery of the agroindustrial plant in Cabruta, with the purpose of strengthening the cotton plan and continuing to serve this important productive sector.

He said that the sorghum and corn plan is key to the development of the country, and that it impacts the different productive chains, in alliance with the private sector. 

Likewise, Vásquez also explained that it is appropriate to strengthen aquaculture production in the town of Cabruta, as well as enhance the development of livestock farming in the plains entity.

The regional ruler commented that these projects are framed in the requests and demands of the Special Economic Zone, which the first national president, Nicolás Maduro, has directed to consolidate the country's new economy.

The governors of the different states that make up the ZEEAO also participated during the videoconference.

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