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Guárico receives state-of-the-art equipment for cataract surgery

The SOPHI-A Phacoemulsifier equipment arrived in the state, which allows the cataractous lens to be broken and extracted in less time.

The state-of-the-art medical equipment SOPHI-A Phacoemulsifier arrived in the state of Guárico to perform cataract surgeries in the plains entity.

The information was announced by regional president José Vásquez, during broadcast 234 of his program En Directo con el Gobernador.

Vásquez indicated that it is a totally new and modern device, which allows breaking and extracting, in an easier way and in the shortest possible time, the cataractous lens. 

"President Maduro approved the resources for the acquisition of this equipment and here we have it, for the service of our people," he added.

The regional governor said that the medical instrument will serve in the first phase 220 patients who have already been recruited throughout the plains region, whose interventions will begin on June 12, at the facilities of the Tulio Pineda Comprehensive Diagnostic Center (CDI). located in San Juan de los Morros.

In this regard, the sole health authority, Dr. Rosa Vázquez, pointed out that with this surgical plan approximately 30 patients per day will be treated.

In the same way, he said that with the arrival of the special device to Guariqueña lands, the days of ophthalmological operations will be extended throughout the 15 municipalities.

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