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Orituco hospital emergency rooms rehabilitated

The Governor delivered the rooms of the Pediatric and Adult Emergency areas

This Saturday, the governor of Guárico state, José Vasquez, delivered the rehabilitated rooms of the Pediatric and Adult Emergency areas of the “Dr. José Francisco Torrealba”, located in Altagracia de Orituco, José Tadeo Monagas municipality.

recovered emergency rooms

“This hospital joins the other works that we have been delivering in this municipality. Despite the complexities and difficulties, here we are giving our faces and good news to the people of Guárico," said Vásquez, during the delivery of the works, announced on his radio program "En Directo con el Gobernador."

He stressed that in the sanitary facilities various comprehensive works were carried out, waterproofing, total air conditioning, installation of toilets, replacement of doors and windows, total painting, conditioning of frieze on walls, organization of the electrical system with installation of lamps, switches and outlets.

23 medical services

He also reported that this health center has 23 medical services for the care of the population, highlighting gynecology, obstetrics, triage, observation, hospitalization for pediatric and adult patients, delivery room and others.

"The Dr. José Francisco Torrealba Hospital will benefit not only the Monagas municipality, but also neighboring municipalities and states," said the regional president.

Meanwhile, Vásquez urged users to keep the rehabilitated spaces in optimal conditions, in order to provide quality medical care. "These areas do not belong to the governor, they belong to our people and we have to take care of them and maintain them," he said.

Better medical care and quality of life

In this context, the mayor of the municipality, Pedro Solórzano, indicated that “despite the attacks, here we are. We do not rest to serve the people. We are dedicated to the issue of health despite the adversities”.

He thanked the national and regional government for the recovery of the facilities, while stressing that these actions come to improve medical care and the quality of life of the population.

"For Orituco there is good news, we are crystallizing emblematic projects to beautify the city and exalt the name of Gracitano," Solórzano pointed out.

People's Power spokespersons commented that they were satisfied with the work carried out at the health center, while they extended their thanks to those who participated in the works.

Works advance in the Monagas municipality

In another order of ideas, Governor José Vásquez, highlighted that among the next works to be delivered in the municipality are the Manuel Ríos Distributor, the Nuestra Señora de Altagracia church and Soto Rojas avenue, in which they are working progressively.

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