StartGuáricoGas is supplied to families in the Infante municipality in Guárico

Gas is supplied to families in the Infante municipality in Guárico

More than 800 families from different communities of the Leonardo Infante municipality were benefited

A total of 887 families from different communities in Valle de la Pascua, Leonardo Infante municipality in Guárico state, were favored with the distribution of domestic gas at a fair price, through campaigns promoted by the Guárico Gas Distributor (SayGua).

Families from the Infante municipality in Guárico attended

Among the communities served, the following stand out: Paraíso, Casco Central, Los Cerritos I and II, Los Ilustres, and Garcitas II, as indicated in a press release provided by the company.

"Thanks to the distribution routes of liquefied petroleum gas through the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap), DigasGua, through organized and joint work with Gas Comunal, continues to optimize this public service in the Guarica communities," they point out. .

Infante municipality LPG plant continues to supply families

During the last few days, more than 62 Valle Pascuan communities and around 10 adjacent municipalities have attended the Leonardo "El Negro" Infante Liquefied Petroleum Gas filling plant, located in Valle de la Pascua (Leonardo Infante municipality), supplying the families with cylinder saturation in various presentations.

"We continue to guarantee the people the efficient supply of this domestic resource in the Guariqueño territory, under the guidance of President Nicolás Maduro and Governor José Vásquez," said José Dionisio Goncalvez, president of DigasGua.

Filling plant inspection

He explained that, together with his work team, they inspected, evaluated, and audited the administrative part of the Plant's operating system and, in turn, reviewed the distribution system to shorten dispatch cycles and thus make supply more effective. of domestic gas.

For his part, the mayor of the entity, Ramón Piñango, certified the effectiveness and development of the Saturation Plan in the municipality, assuring that "we are satisfied with the distribution of gas in the municipality, a service that has been improving effectively, that it speaks of the commitment, efficiency and responsibility that DigasGua has”, he stressed.

Finally, Ángel Herrera, head of the UBCH de la Pereña (point and circle of the filling plant), thanked the Gas Distributor for guaranteeing service in the area. “We work as a team with DigasGua, to provide an efficient basic service to families in the community. Gas always reaches our homes, for that reason we thank President Nicolás Maduro and Governor José Vásquez ”, he concluded.

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