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HomeGuáricoProtein combos are distributed to families in Valle de la Pascua

Protein combos are distributed to families in Valle de la Pascua

Some six thousand families from the Leonardo Infante municipality are benefited from the protein combos

At least 394 families from the El Triunfo community, Valle de la Pascua parish (Leonardo Infante municipality) received protein combos as part of the planning promoted by the three levels of government to protect the well-being of Guarica families.

"Today our president Nicolás Maduro is a guarantee of what Chávez started, regarding the management of serving our people, that is why we are here, serving the El Triunfo sector with the Food Staff," stressed the mayor of the municipality, Ramon Pinango.

He said that more than 6 thousand families are being served with this protein distribution, through the different Socialist Mission Bases located in the jurisdiction, allowing the most vulnerable sectors of the entity to benefit.

"There are more than 6 families that are being benefited, which is why we feel satisfied to continue guaranteeing the best protein diet for our most vulnerable sectors and to comply with social justice, as we are doing here today," said Piñango.

At the same time, Ginetxa Morales, líder of the community, he said “we thank God for these benefits that the authorities provide us with the Minppal team. More than 300 families have benefited and for this we give thanks for the support”.

During the distribution day, the first lady of the municipality, Dunia Suárez de Piñango, and Jhonson Anular, representative of the Food Staff, were present.

Power modules delivered in Tucupido

In the Tucupido parish of the José Félix Ribas municipality, the Great Food Mission (GMAS) distributed more than 2 food modules, through the Simón Rodríguez Socialist Mission Bases and part of the Arañero de Sabaneta, in order to guarantee sovereignty food in the llanera entity.

According to information published on the social networks of the municipality's mayor's office, a total of 15 communities were attended during the dispatch, among which the following stand out: Bella Vista, Caro Herrado, Corocito Arañero, El Barbasco, La Guasimita, La Pastora, Las Calcetas, Manirito Palmagacha, Soledad and Bonanza, Leones de Fajardo, Cachipo Pueblo Nuevo – La Cruz, El Arañero, Campo Alegre Rural, Cují Negro and El Venado.

They mention that, currently, the Food Mission is waiting for the next shipment of food modules, to continue carrying out the respective distribution in the locality.

Food care in other municipalities

In Santa María de Ipire (Santa María de Ipire municipality), more than 4 food modules were delivered by the company Alimentos del Guárico (Alguarisa) and distributed through the Local Supply and Production Committees (Clap).

Similarly, in El Socorro, more than 7 households received their food bags, while in the Juan Germán Roscio Nieves municipality, some 32 Guarica families were favored with the delivery.

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