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Center for anatomopathological studies inaugurated at Unerg in Guárico

Governor José Vásquez and Minister Sandra Oblitas also reopened the doors of the Rómulo Gallegos University dining room.

This Tuesday, the Luis Razetti specialized anatomopathological study center at the Rómulo Gallegos University (Unerg) was inaugurated in San Juan de los Morros, Guárico state, which allows more than 6 thousand students to carry out educational practices.

This was reported through his social networks by Governor José Vásquez where he indicated that this specialized center is unique in its style, and will serve first, second and third year unergists in the area of ​​Health Sciences.to

“The Luis Razetti Center for Specialized Anatomopathological Studies has been inaugurated at the @oficial_unerg for more than 6.000 students! It is the only one in the country and it is in the @oficial_unerg, in our state of Guárico, for the training of students from all over Venezuela,” Vásquez wrote in the publication.

The Minister of University Education, Sandra Oblitas, celebrated the opening of this study space that guarantees quality education to young people.

“I congratulate you on this important achievement that opens up this space for training, quality training,” the minister emphasized.

For his part, the rector of Unerg, Dr. César Gómez, highlighted that the place “serves to train students in 9 careers, deepening the research process and complementing theory with practice.”

The university dining room was as new 

The authorities took advantage of their visit to the Rómulo Gallegos University in San Juan de los Morros to reopen the doors of the university dining room that will benefit more than 36 thousand students from Guárico and other states of the country each month.

In an Instagram post, the Guariqueño ruler wrote: “Together with the brother ministers @sandraoblitasr and Ricardo Menéndez, we delivered the rehabilitation work of the University Dining Hall of the @oficial_unerg that will benefit more than 36 thousand students per month from all of our Guárico state and other states of the country that are formed in our alma mater.”

“Thank you, President @nicolasmaduro for this important recovery to continue supporting the young people who are the future of the Homeland,” Vásquez concluded.

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