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Women from Sucre spoke out in support of the Bolivarian Revolution

More than 5 women from the state of Sucre spoke out against unilateral coercive measures and in support of President Nicolás Maduro, with a large mobilization that started from the Luis Mariano Rivera theater to Ayacucho street in Cumaná.

Between songs, banners and slogans, the women walked the streets of the First City, as a sign of love, commitment and loyalty to the revolutionary process.

The mobilization was accompanied by the Minister for Women, Dheliz Álvarez, the vice president of Women of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), the deputy to the National Assembly (AN), Tania Díaz, and the governor of the state of Sucre. , Gilberto Pinto.

“This massive march has a message that makes it clear that women support our president Nicolás Maduro, because we want to continue maintaining peace in the territory,” said Minister Dheliz Álvarez.

Álvarez emphasized that women will ratify Maduro's re-election on July 28, to continue advancing towards the construction of a prosperous homeland.

In this sense, Álvarez assured that President Nicolás Maduro has been the guarantor of ensuring the protection of women in the face of the more than 900 sanctions imposed against the nation. “Last names cannot and will not be able to destroy the conscience of this feminist people that is restored this July 28, to guarantee the resounding victory of President Nicolás Maduro.”

Likewise, the minister assured that Venezuelan women play an important role in society, thanks to the Bolivarian Revolution.

“We have been the most harmed by the sanctions and unilateral coercive measures promoted by the North American empire, however, we have a feminist president who has dignified us. It has been the Bolivarian Revolution that has allowed us to have an important place in the different sectors of Venezuelan society,” said the minister.

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