WHO registers drop in deaths from covid-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that, according to the result of its statistics, the world registered 46.000 deaths from covid-19 last week, the lowest figure since the beginning of November 2020 and a decrease of 9,6% compared to the previous seven days.

The director general of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said through a press conference that the pandemic is at one of its lowest levels in the last 12 months, although he estimated that the figures are still unacceptable.
He stressed that infections on the planet also fell during the past week, by 7%, and were 2,8 million, the lowest figure since the beginning of July.

He explained that "the regions in the world are experiencing a decrease in cases except Europe, where several countries are suffering new waves of cases and deaths."

Low vaccination concerns

Tedros insisted that the low level of vaccination against covid-19 in many developing nations continues to be a concern, as 56 of them did not achieve the goal of administering doses to at least 3% of their population before the end of September, such as the international body had been branded.

"Even more countries run the risk of not achieving the 40% rate by the end of the year, another goal set by the WHO," stressed the WHO director.

He also asked governments and pharmaceutical companies with control over the global supply of vaccines to donate doses to the Covax program and other initiatives for the redistribution of these products.



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