Week from April 12 to 18 will be flexible throughout the country

The national president pointed out the importance of maintaining biosafety measures Reference photo

The President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro reported that as of this Monday the country will enter into "necessary" labor and economic flexibility.

"This week that begins tomorrow will be a week of labor and economic flexibility, what is not flexible is the biosecurity measures to protect the Venezuelan family," he said during an address held this Sunday where he presented the balance of the covid-19 in Venezuela.

He argued that the three weeks of radical quarantine has served to "stop the growth of the Brazilian variant that had entered with an incredible power, making infections grow, bringing greater virulence in infections, aggravating patients in an impressive way."

"We are going to take care of ourselves this week," he urged while asking regional and local authorities to monitor to ensure compliance with biosafety and physical distancing measures in order to avoid contagion.

He indicated that the Brazilian variant increased the number of symptomatic people from 20 to 50%, which is why he highlighted the importance of going to healthcare centers with the first symptoms.

He warned about a transfer of higher incidence of cases in the western region of the country as outlined by the growth in the number of infections in the states of Carabobo, Lara, Yaracuy, with the possibility of extension to the Andean region.

He stressed the importance of care measures by people in the middle of this week of relaxation, which he insisted is "necessary."



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