Video-criminal trial held in Ciudad Bolívar

This Wednesday a criminal trial was carried out in Bolívar via telematics, where the defendant admitted the facts for which he was accused. 

The central activity was developed at the Guaiparo Police Coordination Center, located in Ciudad Bolívar, Bolívar state. In that establishment was the defendant William José López. And via digitally, the 5th and 6th trial courts of Monagas and the 3rd of Bolívar's control were connected, where the defendant, William José López, has open the files, according to information provided by the Judicial Power 

The trial hearing was attended by the magistrate Yván Darío Bastardo Flores, president of the Civil Cassation Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice, the rector judge of Bolívar Manuel Martínez as well as the deputies Antonio Benavides Torres and Isabel Figueredo.   

During the hearing, the defendant took the floor and admitted the facts for which he was accused; that is, crimes against property, aggravated theft in a degree of frustration, minor personal injuries, resistance to authority, continued qualified theft and evasion.  

The video-trial was carried out within the framework of the approach that is currently being carried out in preventive detention centers in the country by the Special Commission for the Revolution of the Justice System, approved by the Council of State and appointed by the Presidency of the Republic . In the minutes of the hearing, it was recorded that the recording of the trial will rest in the digital file of the court.  


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