Victor Clark: I will continue with the modernization of Falcón

With 144.181 votes, the candidate of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, Víctor Clark Boscán, was accredited the title of governor of the state of Falcón for four more years.

The formal act for the delivery of the credential was held at the headquarters of the Regional Board, instance of the National Electoral Council, where the regional coordinator of the electoral body, Jhonnathan Naranjo delivered the proclamation.

After receiving the accreditations, Governor Clark addressed the Falconians from the Bolívar Club in the historic center of Coro to ratify his promotion for continuing with his plan to transform and modernize the state.

"I will comply, this support offered by each and every one of you will be honored with the work to continue improving the quality of life of our people, today there are other conditions to work and we are going to achieve that goal that we set ourselves, Falcón has with what ”, he emphasized.

In the activity, the eight Chavista parliamentarians who will exercise their functions in the Legislative Council of Falcón state were also made official, the remaining three belonging to the opposition sector, did not attend the event.

The four legislators elected by list vote were, Jofre Sarmiento, Yahir Reyes, María Salazar, Celsa Acosta and the nominees Claudio Thielen, Gregorio Crespo, Migleny Rivera and Ulises Daal.

Likewise, the full Regional Board granted the credential to the new mayor of the Miranda municipality, Dr. Henry Hernández, who was the winner with 30.759 votes, which represents 43,71% of the popular support.


Simultaneously in Punto Fijo, the municipal board accredited the mayor of Carirubana Abel Petit and the 9 councilors, from the auditorium of the Athenaeum.

It was learned that yesterday night, the new mayor of the Los Taques municipality, María Arcaya, was also awarded.



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