UN urges Colombia to address conflict-affected areas

The United Nations (UN) Security Council on Wednesday urged the Colombian authorities to address the violence that occurs in the areas affected by the armed conflict, within the framework of commemorating five years of the Peace Agreement between the New Granada government and the defunct Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC-EP).

"This violence affects above all the ex-guerrillas who laid down their arms five years ago after the signing of the Peace Accords, and community leaders, mainly of indigenous and Afro-descendant communities," says the highest governing body of the UN, quoted by the agency news AFP.

In this sense, they recalled that, since 2016 - when the agreements between then-president Juan Manuel Santos and the FARC were signed - 300 guerrillas have been assassinated.

Given this reason, the members of the Security Council urge "to carry out profound rural reforms" and to "enhance the presence" of the State, as well as to improve education and employment opportunities also for ex-combatants in these areas.

It should be noted that, so far in 2021, 87 massacres have been registered in this area.

At the ceremony, which was held at the headquarters of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP), the former commander of the extinct FARC, Rodrigo Londoño, again asked for forgiveness and renewed the commitment of the vast majority of the 13.000 men and women who they remain faithful to the peace accords after handing over their rifles.



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