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TSJ suspended directive of the Tupamaros party

The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice agreed to suspend the current directive of the party that is part of the Patriotic Pole, Unified Tendencies to Reach the Organized Revolutionary Action Movement (Tupamaros), as read in ruling No. 0119, drawn up by Magistrate Arcadio Delgado Rosales.  

The current board of Tupamaros is made up of Oswaldo Jiménez (president) and José Pinto (secretary general), among others. Pinto is being held facing criminal proceedings for the alleged commission of the crime of homicide.  

The Constitutional Chamber appointed an ad hoc board of directors to carry out the process of "necessary restructuring of the organization for political purposes," says the ruling. Said board will be chaired by William José Benavides Rondón, who had already been acting as the national spokesperson for Tupamaros. In addition, the board will have a president, a general secretary and a national secretary of the organization who fulfill the managerial and representative functions of the organization.  

The new board may use the electoral card, the logo, symbols, emblems, colors and any other concept of Tupamaros. "The acts of expulsion or party exclusion, suspension, among others, carried out by the directors of the national leadership are provisionally suspended", refers to the judgment of the Chamber that was issued in response to a constitutional protection filed by Roger Pinto, Freddy Linares, Eliezer Josué Herrera and Carlos Navarro. 

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