Trujillo: endemic snakebite area

About 170 cases of ophidian poisoning or snake bite have been registered in Trujillo.

The Trujillana Health Foundation (Fundasalud) started an information campaign on the prevention of ophidian accidents, given that the state of Trujillo has become an endemic area, due to the increase in the number of snake bites.

About 170 cases of ophidian poisoning or snake bite have been registered in the state, specifically in the municipalities of Escuque, Pampán and Valera, informed Governor Henry Rangel Silva.

He indicated that of these cases, 28 correspond to minors. "We have from January to August, 169 registered cases, of people who have been bitten by a snake and who go to outpatient clinics or hospitals," said Rangel.

He said that 148 patients live in Trujillo state and 21 "come from other states such as Mérida and Zulia," he said. Statistics show that the majority are men, in number of 110 cases, and 59 are women. He indicated that there are two deceased people, including a child under the age of five.

The municipalities with the highest incidence of snake bites are: Valera with 21 cases; Listen with 18; and Pampán with 16 affected.

The regional president mentioned that the increase in these cases is due to the lack of foresight of those who go to the mountain areas, without their proper protection.

He said that among other causes are also deforestation, the accumulation of unused belongings in homes, the intervention of the habitat of snakes and the rains that attract reptiles.


Rangel recommended that the population take the necessary measures to prevent poisoning. “The call is to be alert, because snakes often seek refuge and people come confidently to look for some dishes they have stored, put their hands in places without good lighting and do not realize that a snake and bites them ”, he warned

Eje Mirandino is alert in six municipalities

The health centers located in the subregions of Barlovento and Plaza (Guarenas) and Zamora (Guatire) do not have antivenin or polyvalent antivenin serum for snake bites, said the president of the Excursionist Center Manuel Ángel González (Cemag) of Guatire , Oscar Muñoz.

He said that the areas most affected by this type of poisoning are the municipalities Acevedo (Caucagua), Brión (Higuerote) Eulalia Buroz (Mamporal), Andrés Bello (San José de Barlovento), Páez (Río Chico) and Pedro Gual (Cúpira).

He indicated that the Victorino Santaella Hospital in Los Teques and the Caracas University Clinic possess the antidote and added that
the Car Hospital ceased to be a reference center due to the dismantling of the Toxicology Attention Center that
it worked there.

González pointed out that Cemag has only one team to deal with these types of accidents. He indicated that saving the life of a
The person depends on where the bite was on the body and the resistance or sensitivity to this type of poisoning.

Death can occur immediately or within two days if there is no treatment in time. He explained that antivenin, for cases
severe poisoning of scorpion, it is used to counteract bite effects of snakes of the genus
Bothrops (mapanare, butterfly tigra, macagua and velvet) and Crótalus (rattlesnake) and eventually for Lachesis (cuaima
pineapple shell). It is not useful for corals whose venom is neurotoxic and there are few cases registered in the country.


Cemag has been teaching ophidiology courses for 20 years with a group of facilitators who were trained at the Pedagogical Institute of Miranda José Manuel Siso Martínez, the National Institute for Socialist Training and Education (Inces), an international organization for disaster relief and classes of the specialist in toxicology Luis Vescance.

They have given workshops in educational establishments, public institutions such as Civil Protection, the personnel of System 171,
firefighters and police forces.

Cemag also offers conferences in communities, which includes the technique to catch snakes, the first measures to take in the event of a bite and actions to prevent the presence of these reptiles in homes.


Prevention: Fundasalud Trujillo issued a series of recommendations to the locals to prevent these accidents.

Shoes: Wear boots when going to the mountains or being at work at home. Avoid transit through humid areas.

Waste: They must avoid the accumulation of damaged belongings inside the houses.

Dangerous: Remember that snakes are not pets, their dangerous animals if they do not know how to handle

The serum: It must be remembered that the preparation of the antivenom serum is expensive and is not manufactured in the state.

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With information from the correspondents: Rebeca Viloria and Irama Delgado



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