They train 360 young people as brigade members against Climate Change

A total of 360 young people were incorporated into a training program as brigade members against climate change in Venezuela, reported the People's Power Minister for Ecosocialism, Josué Lorca.

He explained that the course is fast, since it only lasts seven days, and called on the population to join the initiative that seeks to combat this global problem, AVN reported.

The goal is to incorporate 2 young people in this first semester. "We are setting ourselves a modest goal to have training capacity and concrete mobilization," said the minister.

It is a workshop sponsored by the Popular University of the Environment, which is carried out by videoconference, while the students from Caracas, along with those from La Guaira and Miranda, will attend in person.

The program seeks to train young people, so that they can then carry out street and house-to-house activities, to make the population aware of the risks posed by climate change.

He reiterated that this phenomenon has its origin in the prevailing capitalist system in the world "that is destroying this planet" and threatens the extinction of humanity and other species.

Lorca announced that, through the web portal, those interested can register for the Climate Change diploma from Monday, January 17, whose process will last five months.



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