They killed a worker with blows and stabs

Reference photo

A 34-year-old worker was beaten and stabbed to death during a dispute over a woman, according to the version of his relatives. 

The victim is identified as José Antonio Ariza (34), whose mother Ana Mercedes Ariza went to the Bello Monte morgue on Monday to remove the body. He said he worked as a laborer in a hardware store.

José Antonio had love affairs for two years with a neighbor in his sector, El Amparo de Catia neighborhood, Caracas. This Sunday I passed in front of the woman's house just when her ex-partner was visiting her children. 

At that moment, the woman's ex-partner and a cousin attacked José Antonio with blows and a knife. The worker was lying on the ground. Neighbors transferred him to the "José Gregorio Hernández" hospital where he arrived without signs. José Antonio's mother demanded justice. 



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