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HomeLaraThey clean streams and sewers in the metropolitan area of ​​Lara

They clean streams and sewers in the metropolitan area of ​​Lara

They execute preventive plans before the rainy season

Engineer Juan Álvarez, president of the Municipal Institute of Infrastructure, Housing and Habitat (Imfravihpal) of the Mayor's Office of Palavecino in the state of Lara (Barquisimeto), reported the start of the plan to clean up ravines and sewers in the town.

He explained that the work began in the El Dique community, south of the capital of Palavecin (Cabudare), on Thursday, May 24, in order to attend to some of the most critical points in the overflow of the La Mata ravine in times of rain. .

He indicated that the plan is part of the municipal management program of Mayor Derby Guedez, who has also included the reconstruction of the El Dique stream to prevent its overflow in the communities that have their productive patios.

Álvarez specified that the works that are carried out with machinery and heavy transport will extend approximately one kilometer, with the purpose of achieving the conditioning of the edges of the tributary.

The attention with the works by the municipality is developed in support of the producing families of the area, which maintain crops of vegetables, vegetables and fruit trees.

The benefit is calculated towards some 76 families that live in the El Dique sector, as well as the communities that are located in the La Mata ravine below.


In the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto), Angélica Yépez, president of the Municipal Company for Infrastructure and Environmental Conservation (Emica) explained that in this territory they also began the plan to clean up ravines, canals and bucos.

He commented that in 2023, a little more than 300 sewers and drainage systems have already been served. "In addition to the repair of the grate, we carry out the general cleaning of the sewer or window drain, collecting sediment and solid waste for later transfer," added Yépez.

Yépez recalled that due to climatic changes, the rainfall rate has been considerably high, which has caused it to exceed the collection capacity of the different drainage systems.

“Thanks to the constant deployment of the Infrastructure and Services Cabinet, we have not had major problems during the rainy season; we have guard crews ready for any eventuality,” he declared.

active sweep

Complementing the preventive actions before the rainy season, the Municipal Institute of Urban and Home Cleaning of Barquisimeto, (Imaubar), is working in the Las Tinajitas community, Guerrera Ana Soto parish (Anasoli), west of Barquisimeto, with the crews household waste collection, Plan Cero Maleza, Cero Debris, Escardilleros and Plan Barrido Activo.

Janer Romero, president of the aforementioned local organization, affirmed that during the three-day attack in that populous sector, 257 kilos of mixed material were collected on the main roads of the community, including the spaces of the "Rafael Medina Abarca" general clinic, the educational unit Francisco Tamayo and the Simoncito Tulipán II.

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