They arrested two policemen who were carrying 980 kg of copper in a patrol

Two police officers were detained because they were allegedly moving 980 kilos of strategic material (copper) in a patrol, according to judicial sources. 

The detainees are identified as Cesar Alexander Hernández Flores (commissioner) and Luis Alberto Véliz Ceballos (supervisor), attached to the Bolivarian National Police and posted at the Guárico Police Coordination Center.  

The uniformed men were traveling in a Toyota long chassis without a plate labeled with the logos of the PNB, which was checked at the checking point that the Bolivarian National Guard serves in Cagua (Aragua). There they seized the lot of copper, two organic PNB pistols: Beretta Px4 serial 211L and Beretta Px4 serial 17506 with their respective magazines.  

The police officers will be prosecuted for smuggling. 


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