Two men were arrested carrying 178 ammunition

The Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) detained two men and seized 178 ammunition of different calibers, military sources said.  

The arrest of the subjects took place last Monday in the Facundo sector, municipality of Independencia (Soledad), Anzoátegui and they were identified as José Hernández and Darwin Xavier Alcocer. These subjects were traveling in a Toyota Corolla where they carried 178 cartridges: 134 caliber 5.56 × 45 mm and 44 caliber 9mm as well as three AR-15 rifle magazines, two 9mm pistols, a 12 shotgun, a hand grenade and two portable radios. .   

Previously, the GNB had carried out the retention of 3.031 ammunition in Cojedes and Carabobo. Said bullets were found in three buildings located in the Rómulo Gallegos and Pueblo Nuevo sectors of Lima Blanca (Cojedes) and La Isabelica urbanization, Valencia (Carabobo), where they also detained a man.  

Among that lot, 1.251 cartridges of 7.62X51 mm stand out, used for the M-14 rifle, Winchester with an adjustable telescopic sight. This weapon of war was previously seized at the Citizen Service Point served by the GNB in ​​El Naipe, Libertador municipality (Tocuyito), Carabobo. There they detained a Toyota Corolla from Cojedes bound for Valencia driven by Karla Eliana Méndez Yovera, who was arrested.  

Among the 3.031 there was also another type of cartridge for sniper rifle but caliber 22 mm, which totaled 1.050, according to the breakdown made in the military report. Likewise, 15 7.8 mm cartridges stand out, which when fired leaves a red trace that allows the shooter to set the target with greater precision, according to experts.  

The seizures of war ammunition occur two weeks after the so-called Caracas Party, a violent plan conceived to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro during the July 5 parade and chaotic Caracas, as denounced by deputy Jorge Rodríguez .  

The epicenter of that project was Cota 905, where a criminal organization with sophisticated weapons such as the .50 and a 308 sniper rifle was based, which were seized by security agencies during the seizure of that sector of southwest Caracas between Thursday July 7 and 10. Former deputy Freddy Guevara (Popular Will) is one of those arrested for his alleged connection with the so-called Fiesta de Caracas.   


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