Arrested three people with 299 ammunition

Three people were arrested and 299 munitions of various calibers were seized, military sources reported.

The seizures were made in two procedures, one of them at the Citizen Service Post served by the Bolivarian National Guard in Clarines, Anzoátegui state. There they retained 150 12-gauge cartridges, material that was transported by Alonso José Carbonell, who was traveling in a Nissan-type Sedan vehicle, Almera model, plate AB389CC on whose fender the ammunition was transported.

On Avenida Bolívar de Maturin (Monagas) the military seized 149 cartridges caliber 7,62X39 mm, ammunition that was in the possession of Gabriel Osael Zamora Figueroa and Nalkis Crisbel González Mijares.

The three detainees were handed over to the Public Ministry where they opened files for illegal possession of ammunition, among other crimes.

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