The world adds 136.757.797 cases of covid-19

The world is experiencing a rebound in cases resulting from different variants of the virus. Photo: AFP

Until this Monday, 136.757.797 Covid-19 infections have been registered globally, of which 2.951.766 have died and 109.985.237 have overcome the disease, according to information from the portal

The United States continues to lead the international monitor, with 31.920.778 cases, 575.831 deaths and 24.480.631 people recovered.

India ranks second among the most affected countries, with 13.527.717 infections, 170.209 deaths and 12.156.529 medical discharges, followed by Brazil, where there have been 13.482.543 cases of Covid-19, 353.293 deaths and 11.880.803 people recovered.

In Latin America, Brazil is the nation with the highest number of infections and deaths from the pandemic, followed by Colombia, which has registered 2.536.198 cases, 65.889 deaths and 2.383.785 recovered; Argentina, which has reported 2.532.562 infections, 57.779 deaths and 2.233.140 medical discharges, and Mexico, which registers 2.280.213 cases, 209.338 deaths and 1.809.921 people recovered.

From March 13, 2020 to the present date, the statistics in Venezuela are as follows: 174.887 confirmed cases, 1.778 deaths and 157.486 people recovered, which represents 91% of infections. / AVN.



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