The Virgen del Valle and Coromoto are celebrating this Wednesday

The image will be on his ancient throne, known as the crown, which dates back to 1918.

The devotees of the Virgen del Valle and the Virgen de Coromoto will celebrate their Patrons this Wednesday with masses and prayers, virtual and in person.

The Virgen del Valle, who turns 100 years after being declared Patroness of the East, will wear a costume designed by José Gregorio Valencia, an artist from Río Caribe, and that was donated by an anonymous devotee of the Virgin, who resides in Caracas.

The costume brings together the symbolism of the Diocese of the East and has emblematic landscapes of the area such as the Cuevas del Guácharo and the Margarita beaches.

The image will be on her old throne, known as the crown, dating from 1918. The centennial Patron will be on a bed of white carnations and gipsons, with pink baby roses and will be guarded by a display of 450 officials, who will protect the image.

This year there will be no invitation from personalities from other states for the protection of biosafety.

Other celebrations

Each of the 60 parishes of Barcelona, ​​Anzoátegui state, will honor its Patroness with masses in reduced capacity. Lechería will make the traditional procession by the sea at 10 am and on Sunday the great peñerada in the Paseo de la Cruz and the Sea of ​​Puerto la Cruz.

The fishermen and devotees of La Guaira today resume the boat tour of the Virgen del Valle, along the coasts of the Guaireño coast, after two years without activity due to covid-19. There will be eleven councils of fishermen and fisherwomen (Conpa) that will pay tribute to their patron.

The events will begin with a mass at each fishing dock or Conpa de La Guaira, first thing in the morning, and then depart by caravan in their boats to dock 23 of the Port of La Guaira, where a blessing and maritime baptism will be performed with the port patrol boats, all under a minimum capacity and under biosecurity measures.

Lorena Morales, from the Playa Verde Fishermen's Council, said that from the western area of ​​La Guaira they will meet in Playa Verde and will make the traditional celebration of fishermen to children and members of the community.

Towards the east, they will have a mass at 8 am and later, it will be the pilgrimage at sea, on the way to the Port of La Guaira.

Devotion to Coromoto

The devotees of the Virgin of Coromoto will celebrate the 369 years of her appearance today. In Portuguesa it will carry out a series of activities, with a marathon that will depart from Guanare to the Votive Temple, in the Quebrada de La Virgen.

These activities will culminate on September 11, when the 69 years of being declared Patroness of Venezuela are commemorated.

The devotees of the Naiguatá parish, in the state of La Guaira, commemorate the festival with religious services and the pilgrimage through the sectors of the parish.

In the house of the Corro family, devotees and custodians of San Juan Niño, the celebration will begin with a community rosary, where worshipers will gather, and then continue with the mass and blessing of pilgrims from the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church, in Pueblo Arriba of the Naiguatá parish, in charge of the priest Julio Martínez.

The pilgrimage will depart from Pueblo Arriba, and will go through the La Cocada, Club Tanaguarenas and Carmen de Uría sectors, an emblematic site, where they will make a stop and pray a rosary and then culminate in the El Tigrillo sector and return to Naiguatá.

With information from the team of correspondents.

The devotees of the Virgin of Coromoto will celebrate the 369 years of her appearance today.


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