The Libertarian Torch arrived in Zulia

Prieto Fernández stated that the torch represents the history of Bolívar, Urdaneta

The governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto Fernández, together with the president of the Legislative Council Ángela Fernández, led the Solemn Joint Session of Clez and the municipal councilors with the participation of the Regional Executive and the Bolivarian National Armed Forces in commemoration of the Bicentennial of the departure of General in Chief Rafael Urdaneta with the Battalions towards the Battle of Carabobo and arrival of the Libertarian Torch to the entity. 

The regional president was accompanied by the Bolivarian Mayors of Zulia, the deputies to the National Assembly, the Second Commander of the Western Integral Defense Strategic Region, V / A Rodolfo Sánchez Veroes and the Speaker of Order of the act, Economist and Historian Yldefonso Finol. 

Prieto Fernández received from the hands of the Secretary of Government of the state of Barinas, Jesús Manuel Monsalve, the Libertarian and Bolivarian Torch in the Plaza El Brillante in the central area of ​​Maracaibo. 

Following the route of the Fuego Patrio Prieto Fernández, he will deliver the torch to the Governor of Falcón, Victor Clark. "Due to its cultural value, it represents moments of the Battle of Carabobo being a tribute to the people who rose up against the royalist army."

Prieto Fernández said that the torch represents the history of Bolívar, Urdaneta and even those who fought with them since the first Republic and who later betrayed him by some. 

«This country is fighting for the same freedom, that torch represents Commander Chávez with much pain represents the heroic and brave spirit of Darío Vivas, Aristóbulo Isturiz, Jean Carlos Martínez, José Luis Acosta and Father Vidal Atencio, at some point we will understand why we come across these souls in this life, "said the regional president. 

He added that 21 torches will be lit throughout the Zulia territory as a commitment that in the next elections, the state will have 21 revolutionary mayors who defend the homeland, so that President Nicolás Maduro continues as President. 



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