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US "key witness" benefited after accusing Alex Saab

Bruce Bagley, the witness accused of "liar" by the Department of Justice after giving false testimony as evidenced by a notarized document in 2015, received the minimum sentence of six months after "collaborating" with the US authorities by pointing out the Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab .

Despite his questioned credibility, the so-called "key witness" of the US justice system in the illegal trial they are building against the Venezuelan Special Envoy, pleaded guilty to "money laundering" and claimed to have received money from Alex Saab, to who also accuses of having collaborated with the US authorities, years prior to his abduction.

This testimony from Bagley, which is not supported by evidence, has been emphatically denied by the Venezuelan diplomat, who through his team of lawyers ruled that "he never worked against the interests of Venezuela."

Bagley and his lies

Bagley, has been accused by the same Department of Justice of giving false testimony in the case that the United States was following against the Colombian mayor, Juan Francisco Gómez Cerchar, for his links with paramilitarism.

The "key witness" of the Department of Justice, had assured in a notarized document in 2015 that "according to his studies and investigations", Gómez had no links with the Colombian paramilitary, a version that changed this year when the guilt of the mayor of New Granada was proven , noting that he had never met the accused and asking the court for clemency for failing to indicate that the links did indeed exist.

All this plot of lies by Bagley was evidenced after the publication of the documents by the American journalist Joshua Goodman.

The Department of Justice in its eagerness to build a case against Alex Saab, has decided to take his testimony as true and favor him with the request to reduce the sentence to just six months.

Blagley, who claims to be an expert in the study of drug trafficking and organized crime in Latin America, has been linked to Colombian paramilitarism, a fact for which he has been tried, but which happened to be ignored by the Department of Justice that favored by testifying against Alex Saab.