Teen killed his grandmother with multiple stab wounds

Photo: Reference

A 17-year-old teenager killed his grandmother with multiple stab wounds, police sources said.

This event occurred at dawn last Friday in a house in the Lomas de Santa María sector, on the outskirts of Puerto La Cruz (Anzoátegui). The murdered woman is Octaviana Díaz Echeverría, 65, who was attacked by her grandson José Gabriel García Reyes (17), known as El Gabrielito.

Apparently grandmother and grandson argued because the boy was allegedly involved in drugs. Neighbors heard Octaviana screaming as she was stabbed by the boy. The lady died at the site. Apparently the stab wounds were to the chest and face.

Once the event occurred, the teenager fled the site. Cicpc officials entered the house and lifted the body to transfer it to the forensic clinic in Barcelona in that state.

Subsequently, agents assigned to the Cicpc Homicide Axis began the search for the boy whom they located in the La Roca sector of Puerto La Cruz. There El Gabrielito exchanged shots with the police commission, a scuffle in which he was killed.

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