Sundde adjusts prices in clothing and footwear stores in Yaracuy

The National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde) this week carried out special audits in Yaracuy state in shops dedicated to the sale of clothing and footwear, regarding the celebration of Christmas and New Year's Eve, dates in the ones that are used to brand new clothes and shoes.

The state director of the institution, Dulce López, reported this Wednesday that in the three days of audits there have been supervised more than XNUMX commercial establishments located in the San Felipe and Independencia municipalities of the Yaracuyana capital. In XNUMX of them, price adjustments were made in footwear and textiles because they incurred in speculation in some of their merchandise.

She said that the operations are part of the special days of the Happy Christmas 2020 plan that the national government develops throughout the country to defend the rights of users and prevent them from being victims of speculation.

López stressed that in the audits the purchase invoices are reviewed and it is verified that the profit margins do not exceed 30%, as established in the Sundde Law. It is also checked that the goods have talkers or signposts with their respective prices.

“By comparing the invoices for some products with the prices at which they were sold, we were able to verify that there were profit margins that were well above what was legally established, so we had to order the immediate adjustment. Likewise, we ordered the placement of talkers where there were none so that users can see them ”, highlighted López.

Also, merchants were urged that if they trade with foreign currency, they should do so based on the official rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela, otherwise they could incur serious offenses that are strongly sanctioned.

She pointed out that the Sundde will remain in the street, ensuring the rights of users and consumers during all the days of the holiday celebration.

Photo courtesy Sundde



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