They strengthen tourist areas in Falcón

Adícora is a destination for surfing.

The strengthening of the Adícora beach area and the start-up of the tourist corridor, in the Falcón municipality, is the mission that the government undertook through the Ministry of Tourism, so that growth possibilities are opened to service providers tourist

The new actions are the result of the meetings with the tourist actors of Playa Norte and the boulevard of the area of ​​which the governor of the entity, Víctor Clark, ordered the lifting of the facades of that entire area, in addition to complementing it with training and training of service providers.

This work carried out in conjunction with Corpotulipa, the Falcón municipality's mayor's office, the Falcón Municipal Tourism Institute (Intur) and the State security forces, aims to address the issue of tourism services, according to Yves Marcano, Secretary of Tourism Of the entity.

Marcano pointed out that the beautification of the boulevard, the construction of the grandparents' module and the Adícora entrance are about to begin. He stressed that the relocation to another site of the desalination plant will be carried out by Hidrofalcón.

They will enable a multi-service module, which will be located at the entrance to Adícora, a place where they will publicize the tourist information services, civil protection and the Falcón municipality will be present with its team as part of the services.

“As part of the word offered by the governor, Víctor Clark, these meetings are held that will yield concrete results, to which is also added a meeting with the Vice Minister of National Tourism, Jesús Placencia, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Power popular for Tourism, in order to take stock of the results of the 2021 carnivals, "he said.

The Secretary of Tourism pointed out that plans are currently being studied to bring to the state of Falcón a comprehensive day for tourism service providers, since it is imperative to have a National Tourist Registry (RTN) day, tourism license and data update.

He indicated that these conferences would be part of the review of the strategic development plans in this matter, with the launch of the Higher Regional Tourism body of the Falcón state, framed within the National Strategic Plan 2021-2026.

Adícora is a town that is located on the northeast coast of the Paraguaná Peninsula, Falcón municipality. It is a very attractive tourist destination, due to its beaches, inns, its cozy town and it is also a destination for surfing.



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