Public consultation of the Bill on the Right to the City begins

The permanent commissions of Administration and Services and of Integral Social Development jointly initiated the public consultation of the Project of Organic Law on the Right to the City, informed the deputy of the Commission of Administration and Services, Rigel Sergent.

He explained that a mixed technical commission was installed to expand knowledge of the bill in the sectors of popular power, the academic, the scientific and the institutional, who from their spaces have a conception of the right to the city, says a press release.

Sergent said that these sectors have a lot to contribute in terms of the essential elements that the law must have. housing, hence the participation of the ministry with competence ”.

The parliamentarian indicated that from the Ministry of People's Power for Habitat and Housing they spoke about how the Great Housing Mission Venezuela should be seen “cannot be seen only as the construction of houses, but as a national system of habitat and housing that also builds the right to the city with equality and equity among citizens ”.

Another essential element that he highlighted was the issue of planning by the ministry of the area, a body that raised the vision that must be taken into account from the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, the Plan of the Homeland and the expansion to other rights and needs that the people collectively raise such as culture, the identity of their territories, education and training on the right to the city, comprehensive security, health and the relationship with nature



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